Black Dot Black Dot
The internationally recognized leader in lease optimization, the principals of Black Dot pioneered the first expense reduction “lease optimization” program, substantially reducing carrier and tower company operations expense.
Comba Comba
First established in 1997, Comba is one of leading providers of wireless solutions in the world and is ranked as the number one integrated wireless solutions and sub-system provider in Asia with over 25%* market share in China.
Cable Ladder
Each section includes 6 waveguide brackets that are pre-punched for Snap-In hangers and butterfly hangers. ...
IT³ Prove!
Digital (U)SIM simulator according to ISO/IEC 7816-4 Terminal testing as specified by ETSI or 3GPP(2) ...
RQ4 Retail Management Platform
RQ4 is the new generation of retail management software from iQmetrix, combining the comprehensive functionality ...
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